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The Weekly Five: Interview with Jocelyn Murray, Training Manager


Welcome to Aireon’s  blog series, “The Weekly Five” in which we will ask five quick questions to our team members to educate and share how Aireon has been continuing 24/7 operations during the pandemic and what we’re learning along the way. For the third post, we’ve sat down with Aireon’s Training Manager, Jocelyn Murray.

1. Can you tell me a bit about your role as Training Manager and what your team’s function is at Aireon?
As Training Manager, I am responsible for designing and developing curriculum for Aireon. Currently, I am working on Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) training, as well as projects supporting Aireon on an enterprise level. I also manage Edubrite, also known as the aka Aireon Academy (learning management system), where we house training for Aireon. You probably have seen my emails for the compliance trainings!

2. What types of trainings is the Aireon Team participating in this year?
This year, we are focusing on developing ATSEP training, as well as supporting the Aireon Service Desk, which is our staff who manages Aireon’s 24/7 customer service for our customers We are also supporting onboarding training and some managerial training efforts, which currently has been entirely remote due to the Pandemic.

3.Has the pandemic put a hold or affected the team being trained in any way?
Not at all! One of my specialties is distance learning. I had been remote for several years prior to joining Aireon. I miss everyone, but training can happen anywhere!

4.What remote/virtual tools do you use for the trainings?
Currently we are working on developing eLearning training using Storyline to make training interactive and engaging. Once the trainings are developed, they are accessible via Edubrite. Additionally, Aireon utilizes tools like we can use Webex or Microsoft Teams to host virtual live training sessions!

5.  Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Working from home is second nature for me, however the chaos is real these days! Luckily, my daughter is a self-starter and my son’s work can be completed in the morning! I miss seeing everyone inour team in person at the office and can’t wait to come back!