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Pre-registration for AireonALERT℠ is HERE!


One-hundred percent, global, real-time aircraft surveillance is just a few months away. The Aireon℠ space-based ADS-B surveillance system is nearly operational with seven of eight Iridium® NEXT satellite launches already complete.

As the completion of the Iridium NEXT constellation and Aireon system nears, Aireon ALERT is just around the corner. Operated by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Aireon ALERT will be the industry’s only global, real-time emergency aircraft location service that is entirely free to pre-registered Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), aircraft operators, regulators and search and rescue organizations.

Pre-registration for Aireon ALERT opens today, Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018. The service plans to be operational in Q1 of 2019.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right? It’s not! Being an organization managing the only completely global, real-time data set of all ADS-B out equipped aircraft around the world, with safety as a top priority, Aireon believes that aviation stakeholders need access to the aircraft data in emergency situations, free-of-charge.

When an aircraft is in an uncertainty phase, alert phase or distress phase, a pre-registered AireonALERT member can contact the Aireon ALERT 24/7 service center, which is managed by the IAA. By providing the unique ICAO 23Bit Address or Flight ID, the AireonALERT operator will then search for the last known position for the aircraft, and if found, will provide that location in WGS84 coordinates and e-mail a report of the location of the missing aircraft to the designated representative within the registrant’s organization.

If you are an ANSP, aircraft operator, regulator or search and rescue organization, you can pre-register for AireonALERT now! Aireon ALERT’s full service is scheduled to be available in Q1 2019, following the completion of both the Iridium NEXT constellation and Aireon system.

The simple process for registering for the free service is explained through the online user guide:

There is also a thorough FAQ designed to answer any questions:

Be prepared and register today!