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Aireon Hosts Summer Internship In Partnership With Don Bosco Rey High School


Aireon is tapping into the high school talent in Washington, D.C., to fuel the next generation of business professionals.  Since 2017, Aireon has partnered with Don Bosco Rey High School of Takoma Park, Md., to sponsor high school students at its corporate headquarters in McLean, Va. During their three-year internship at Aireon, the students gain exposure to a variety of disciplines, including corporate culture, general business, marketing, engineering, finance, management, and IT. And at the end their internship, Aireon awards each intern up to a $7,500 scholarship to further their…

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Aireon Marks 10 Years


It was a momentous and exciting day in June 2012 when Iridium announced plans for an innovative approach to leverage its Iridium NEXT satellite constellation to support the next-generation of air traffic surveillance capabilities. It was on that day that Aireon LLC was formed. In the decade since the inception, Aireon has become an integral part of the global aviation community, bringing new levels of safety, operational efficiency, and situational awareness to stakeholders. Working hand-in-hand with its partners, investors, and the ANSP community, Aireon has grown to be the world’s…

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Celebrating Earth Day Every Day!


By Peter Cabooter, Aireon VP of Customer Affairs The aviation industry is recognizing and doing its part to reduce its collective impact on the environment. Industry groups, regulatory agencies and individual companies have all identified environmental initiatives as one of, if not the top, priority in 2022 and beyond. According to ICAO, global aviation industry contributes about 2 percent of manmade CO2 emissions. But that number will increase as air traffic increases. Industry associations and companies have made pledges to reduce their overall environmental footprint in the coming years. Those…

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Iceland’s Isavia ANS Goes All-In on Space-Based ADS-B


Isavia ANS, Iceland’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), has achieved new levels of operational efficiency with expanded use of data from Aireon, the global leader in space-based ADS-B for enhanced air traffic surveillance and aviation data analytics. The ANSP is now using Aireon data for all sections of its airspace. Isavia ANS has been at the forefront of ADS-B surveillance since 2014 when it first went operational with ground-based data. Isavia ANS has continued its modernization of surveillance with a successful partnership with Aireon, going operational with Aireon data in…

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