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Aireon’s Women Who Rock(et): Introducing Charlotte Bue


This month is Women’s History Month, an annual month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. Aireon would like to honor the achievements of some of the great women at Aireon and look-ahead at the opportunities that await future generations. We’ve asked a handful of women at Aireon a few questions about their roles working in aviation, a primarily male-dominated industry. For our first post, we sat down with Charlotte Bue, Deputy Customer Service Manager. Charlotte Bue, Deputy Customer Service Manager What led you…

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One Safety Team: Aireon


Safety is an everyday thought at Aireon. Not just within our safety team, but across the entirety of the organization. In 2019, Aireon received initial ATM (Air Traffic Management)/ANS (Air Navigation Services) certification awarded by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).  This followed a rigorous audit program ending with the approval for Aireon to operate as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) and provide surveillance as a service, and it was valid until December 2020. EASA is recognized as the competent authority in Europe and the process followed to…

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The 2020 Story of Santa’s Flight on Christmas Day


2020 had been quite the year for Santa. Due to travel restrictions, he was not able to fly his sleigh to his usual tropical destinations. On the bright side, he had all year to prepare the best gifts for everyone across the world and was eager to deliver them on Christmas day. After two weeks of self-quarantining, it was finally Christmas Eve. Santa woke up and begin preparing for the big day.  First, he did maintenance checks on his sleigh and fed the reindeer an energizing meal to prepare them…

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The Weekly Five: Interview with Joshua Little, Director of Safety Assurance and Service Operations


Welcome to Aireon’s blog series, “The Weekly Five” in which we will ask five quick questions to our team members to educate and share how Aireon has been continuing 24/7 operations during the pandemic and what we’re learning along the way. For the third post, we’ve sat down with Aireon’s Director of Safety Assurance and Service Operations, Josh Little. 1) What has your experience been working remotely on Aireon’s configuration management processes during the COVID-19 pandemic? Fortunately, we setup our processes to be remotely accessible from the beginning. It was…

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