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Labs Are Not Just For Chemistry


Above is a time-lapse video recorded on a busy day in the Aireon headquarters lab. We’ve sat down with Aireon’s Software Engineering Manager, Andy Hoag to ask him about what goes on in the lab on a typical work day for the Aireon Engineering Team, seen in this time-lapse video. First things first, what is The Lab?

What’s “The Lab?”

The Lab is an engineering collaborative space used to access, configure, test and monitor the AireonSM subsystems.  These systems are core to Aireon’s mission of collecting, processing and distributing real-time, global space-based ADS-B data.

What is going on in this video? 

In this video, the team is collecting large data recordings and integrating data with Aireon’s real-time traffic display. This is done consistently throughout the week.

Who is featured in this video and what do they do for Aireon?

Dr. Mike Garcia – Director Systems Engineer, Andy Hoag – SW Engineering Manager, Scott Seifert and Chris Holverson –  Senior Systems Engineers are all featured in the video.   They’re all members of the Aireon Systems Engineering Team.

What are we seeing on the screens?

Each screen in The Lab is used to display status information.   One screen is showing a live overlay of the satellite footprint – right now we have 13 of 66 payloads providing data.  Another screen shows global, real-time traffic and system status.  Last, but not least, the world clock shows exact time over several time zones, and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or Zulu time – the universal time used for aviation.

What will The Lab be used for when Aireon is fully operational?
The Aireon Engineering Team will continue to the use The Lab as part of our development and integration process.  Engineering a safety-critical system requires extreme attention to detail, the right processes and the right tools in the lab.  Separately, the Aireon Operations Team has a Network Operations Center(NOC) that will be used to monitor Aireon systems 24/7.


This is a small but mighty area that is vital to the inner-workings of Aireon and our system.

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