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Hong Kong’s Successful Implementation Service Acceptance Test (ISAT)


The Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong (CAD) has plans to deploy space-based ADS-B to provide Air Traffic Service (ATS) surveillance services with a contract awarded to Aireon in August 2020. CAD Hong Kong manages more than 400,000 aircraft landing and departing at the Hong Kong International airport annually on top of overflights passing though the flight information region (FIR).

Just months following, we are excited to share that Hong Kong has successfully passed an Implementation Service Acceptance Test (ISAT). An ISAT is a test of a new customer’s connection and integration into the Aireon operational system. It consists of a series of test events conducted to ensure the functionality and reliability of the equipment, data flow and service.

This successful ISAT is a big accomplishment, especially considering the travel restrictions in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ISAT was completed, by and large, remotely with effective local support and collaboration, which required a lot of dedication, focus and time from both the Hong Kong and Aireon teams in advance of the test. Remote training was performed in advance of the ISAT – 1,470 hours of instructor-led training took place and 18 hours of computer-based training.

Hong Kong’s successful ISAT is especially a notable success because both Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and ATS services were tested in parallel. Hong Kong is the first Aireon customer to do so! Meaning, the system is now deemed acceptable for operational use and can be used for multiple purposes.

Hong Kong is already feeding space-based data into their test platform and evaluating it further for integration into the ATC system. The Asia-Pacific region is well on its way to becoming safer and having more efficient flight routes and operations as a result of surveillance from Aireon’s real-time, global service.

Congratulations to the CAD-Hong Kong team for their hard work and dedication.

Space-based ADS-B data in the Hong Kong FIR and data within an additional transition zone providing supplemental data that Aireon provides to the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong.