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A Day In The Life: Yogi Sharma


Learn more about Aireon from the Aireon team themselves. This series, “A Day in The Life,” will allow the Aireon team to speak first-hand about their experiences, views, and future outlook on space-based ADS-B.  Aireon is proud of our extraordinary team of experts and aim to highlight them in this blog series. We hope you enjoy meeting the Aireon team and further understand our strong commitment to aviation.

I preface my professional background summary with a quote from Bruce Lee: “Empty your mind.  Be formless, shapeless like water […] Be water my friend.”

My name is Yogi Sharma and I am one of Aireon’s Systems Implementation Engineers.  I started my career supporting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Systems Engineering Contractor a short time after receiving my undergraduate degree.  It set my career journey for the next 14 years, as I gained valuable knowledge and experience in the air traffic surveillance industry.  Through the years, I worked on engineering analysis of air traffic surveillance data, requirements writing and management, configuration management, implementation of air traffic surveillance systems, and other projects pertaining to the deployment of ground-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technologies.  Today, working at Aireon, I remember what Bruce Lee said, and I realize how important it is, in any field or job, to learn to adapt and accept change for the better, and to be flexible and open to new processes.

With the deployment of the complete Iridium® NEXT satellite constellation, Aireon will provide global air traffic surveillance coverage through the use of ADS-B technology.  The benefits of providing the AireonSM service to Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) around the world will not only add a layer of safety to existing systems, but also has the potential to increase efficiencies in aviation, such as implementing shorter flight routes due to increased visibility over the oceans.

Aireon is a company full of talented and dynamic team members.  A wonderful analogy for our environment can be made with the complete network of Iridium NEXT satellites.  At any given time, each of us in the Aireon team may be responsible for a certain task, but we are continuously collaborating, and our goals and achievements are interconnected (crosslinked, if you will) to ultimately provide the committed service to our customers.

As part of the Aireon engineering and implementation team, I alternate between working with the engineering team on various ADS-B analyses and projects, and interfacing with our ANSP customers around the world.  It is always an honor to support ANSPs around the world to understand how Aireon can help further realize ADS-B benefits for their air traffic surveillance strategy.

Success is driven by passion.  In our team and within our partnerships, the passion permeates with everyone.  Space-based ADS-B is aimed at the primary goal of providing a layer of safety that is unprecedented.  As more satellites get deployed, and we are receiving more data from the satellites, our confidence and determination only get stronger to make this reality sooner than one can imagine.