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A Day In The Life: Kerry Davis


Learn more about Aireon from the Aireon team themselves. This series, “A Day in The Life,” will allow the Aireon team to speak first-hand about their experiences, views, and future outlook on space-based ADS-B.  Aireon is proud of our extraordinary team of experts and aim to highlight them in this blog series. We hope you enjoy meeting the Aireon team and further understand our strong commitment to aviation.

My name is Kerry Davis and I serve as Aireon’s Security Manager. As one of the newer members of the Aireon team, I have always been interested in technological innovation. With Aireon’s pursuit of delivering global air traffic surveillance, through the deployment of space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), this seemed like a great and intriguing fit for me.

It’s quite an exciting time to be part of the Aireon team. We are nearing the end of a journey, which will culminate at the end of 2018, when Aireon will provide the first air traffic surveillance system using a space-based ADS-B network that will enable real-time transmission of ADS-B reports from equipped aircraft to the Air Traffic Management (ATM) automation platforms and Air Traffic Controllers globally. The benefits derived by the aviation sector range from more direct flight paths, increased operational and fuel efficiency for airlines and improved safety for the flying public. 2019 will be a new journey that begins when Aireon will no longer be a concept, but a full-fledged operational reality.

I joined Aireon following a twenty-one-year career serving as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During my tenure, I served as the Chief of Information Security and Compliance and worked on an array of investigative programs from cybercrimes, violent crimes and major offenders, white collar crimes, crimes against children, counterterrorism, and counterintelligence. Throughout my career, I have been heavily involved in cybercrime prevention, computer security and technology development. My extensive background and experience creating policies and coordinating major information technology initiatives, and beyond, has prepared me for my current role at Aireon.

As Security Manager for Aireon, I’m responsible for identifying and implementing a coherent set of security practices and procedures that align with Aireon’s mission, provide cost-effective protection of our information and information systems and respond to security issues associated with technologies and risks.  All the while, ensuring that we are consistent with current applicable federal and state security laws, policies, regulations, and safety standards.

I’m continuously working to improve how we view threats to our organization. We want to have a real-time view into how data enters the enterprise, how it’s used, how it’s accessed and when and where it exits the organization. Throughout that lifecycle, we want visibility from a single platform to log, alert, analyze, hunt and remediate when required. In addition, I work with our business units to update technologies, improve work processes, and satisfy compliance requirements.

As a Security Manager, I must continually challenge myself to learn about innovative technologies, new cybersecurity skills or new management skills. Simply put, my job is to inspire our customers’ confidence in our ability to deliver our digital services safely and securely, and to ensure the safety of our most precious resource (each of you) and all of our assets through the effective implementation and maintenance of security controls.