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Aireon’s Women Who Rock(et): Introducing Monica Jaworski


This month is Women’s History Month, an annual month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. Aireon would like to honor the achievements of some of the great women at Aireon and look-ahead at the opportunities that await future generations.  We’ve asked a handful of women at Aireon a few questions about their roles working in aviation, a primarily male-dominated industry. For our third post, we sat down with Monica Jaworski, Human Resources Manager

Monica Jaworski, Human Resource Manager 

What led you to be a human resource professional?
I took an unpaid internship in college in the Human Resources (HR) Department of a non-profit organization (at the advice of a family member) and figured I would give it a shot for the summer. I really enjoyed the variety of tasks that HR provided and the fact that I could split my time between working with people and working with systems and data. I was lucky  to have the opportunity early in my career to touch many different areas in HR and realized that I wanted to continue focusing on a Generalist HR path rather than going to a specialized area.

What inspires you and why?
Knowing that I can make an impact and that the work I do matters to the people and organization I work with is what inspires me. It’s really great to be in a HR role and see women play such a strong role in candidacy for such a variety of positions from engineering, to marketing, HR and finance & accounting. I also really enjoy coaching and giving these candidates feedback whether they receive the offer for the role or not to help them grow in their career and find a company and position that is the right fit for them.

What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to a woman starting a career in aviation?
Given that I’m quite new to the aviation industry (3 months), I am still in my on-boarding process, but I would recommend diving into all aspects of the business and to really insert yourself into not only what your role defines you to do, but how you can make an impact cross organizationally and create connections with other strong female leaders in the organization. The aviation world was something completely new to me, but diving in headfirst and ensuring that you are asking questions and going out of your way to meet with the experts at your company in each of the different fields helps to build your knowledge and background in the aviation.